AILVASION: story behind the blog url

With the graphics I used on this one, I think you already have some ideas how I came upon my URL. It doesn’t have to with planets, actually. More like with aliens. (I suck at finding graphics, I’m sorry). Here is the story behind ailvasion.

First part: AIL-

Nothing much to say about the first three letters. It’s actually the initials of my first name. Alyssa Ianne Louis. But please, just call me Aly. I’m really grateful for my long name, you know, you can play with it a lot. And the combined initials is not weird to pronounce as one word.

Second part: -VASION

I was in 3rd year when I first made my Tumblr. I didn’t write much before than I do now. If ever I post my writings, it’s usually really short–mostly one-liners. And the Tumblr side I first discovered was the “I’m cool, I reblog stuff according to my theme” side. Being new in Tumblr, it took me a really long time to know which photos I would love to be in my blog and which ones I just like. But then, I realized I got so obsessed with alien and grunge photos. REALLY, ALIEN PHOTOS. Those edited ones, of course, just like this one:

But, I don’t know how to make these so I merely reblog them or share them from WeHeartIt.

So, what is vasion? It’s from the word invasionYou know, alien invasion… I even had this whole tagline, “AILVASION–AIL is INVADING your screens.” Okay, lame. You can laugh now.

But, why did I keep it?

Here’s the thing. I easily get bored with my url and even in the platforms I used. First, I’ll use Tumblr, then I’ll switch to Blogspot/Blogger, then WordPress (I might even have an account in Wix–or what was it called?). Honestly, I have a collection of URLs in each platform I mentioned. But well, first love never dies, I guess. I keep coming back to this url. Because this was how I started. This was, probably still is, my trademark in Tumblr. So, why waste effort making new boring ones when I already have a unique one?

The cons, however, of having this url, is that it isn’t related to my blog posts or blog (as a whole) at all. But whatever, I’m sticking with this one, even here in WordPress.



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