20 Random Facts About Me

Since I just started this blog, I figured I should start with the basics and give you some facts about me.

1. I’m actually camera shy by nature, it’s because I have low self-esteem when it comes to my physical appearance. But I’m trying to overcome it. (Keyword: trying)

2. I listen to a (kinda) wide variety of music but at the moment, I keep listening to The 1975, The Weeknd, Melanie Martinez and The Chainsmokers.

3. I used to read a lot in high school. I still love reading but mostly, I just read Wattpad stories now.

4. I started my first Tumblr way back 2013, with the same URL I’m using now–both here, in WordPress and in Tumblr.

5. Recent addiction: bullet journals and art journals!!

6. My respect for people does not depend on their gender, sexuality, race, age or whatsoever. (Honestly speaking, I respect more people who are being treated as outcasts in our society, they deserve more than what they are receiving. Also: I’m 101% straight, but #lovewins!)

7. I spend too much time thinking of a photo to post on Instagram, editing photos that has no aesthetic quality at all just to achieve certain feed goals. Trying hard.

8. I live with my mom and not-so little brother.

10. I usually write about love and pain, as cliche as that sounds. But I’ve never finished writing a story, even a short one. I don’t know why.

11. If we’re friends on Facebook, or if I follow you here, on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, I’m always silently judging your English grammar. I tried to stop this habit, but I can’t. I’m not even perfect in grammar, but I find it really stressful to read posts from people who can’t differentiate there, they’re and their. I should say sorry, but I would be lying.

12. I hate the color yellow.


14. I am probably one of the unhealthiest people in the world. I don’t eat veggies, rarely eat fruits. I don’t exercise. I eat a lot of meat and sweets. I love cola. And I drink a lot of coffee.

15. I don’t hate girls who love to wear makeup, I couldn’t care less whether you turn your pretty faces into coloring books. However, I find it very annoying when a girl who has a lot of time applying makeup nags me in the middle of class discussions or tests because she didn’t study ahead of time. Girl, get your priorities straight.

16. My college squad are composed of three males and most of my female friends are boyish. But I’m not gonna claim I’m one of the boys. I didn’t plan on being friends with them in the first place, it just happened.

17. I’m awkward and shy around new people, and around human beings who look like perfectly carved models, I easily get conscious, also around smart people because they intimidate the heck out of me!
18. My high school tropa is irreplaceable. They’re my favorite people.

19. I used to write a lot but I find it really hard to find inspiration. Personally judging my works, I lack depth and creativity.

20. I don’t eat healthy but I’m really conscious of my size. I don’t have anything against big people, I just don’t like it being me.

And that’s a wrap! So, do we have anything in common?


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