Nicknames I Have + Why I Have Them

Alyssa Ianne Louis. Having a long first name, people used to ask me: “Isn’t it hard to write on a paper?” “Doesn’t it delay you from writing, for example in your classes?” “Have you always spelled it right when you were a kid?” “What does it mean?” I could go on and on about this.

But anyway, having a long name has its perks. You can easily play with it, especially if you don’t exactly like the nickname your family gave you.

  • Louie. It’s obviously from Louis and this is the nickname my family gave me. I always hated it, since it’s masculine and I usually get teased about it. So, I hid it. It used to be this big secret of mine. The only people who gets to call me this are my family, relatives and our family friends.
  • Wee. It came from Louie; like Lou-wee. Yeah. You know, people are really lazy to the point that they gave my nickname another nickname–just to shorten it a bit more. Usually, it’s Ate Wee (for non-Filipino readers: ate is used as respect to your older female sibling or just simply a sign of respect for someone older than you, but not that old) when my brother came along. But he ended up calling me just Wee.
  • Yssa. Like I said, I kept my original nickname and told my classmates and friends to call me Alyssa. But of course, it’s still long. So they started calling me Yssa, I think this started in fourth grade. So, I just stuck to it.
  • Yssay. When you say Yssa, it sounds too foreign, like it doesn’t really sound so Filipina-ish, based on our country’s culture. When you say Yssay, however, it’s sound a little more laid-back and kinda cute? I got called Yssay for the first time in high school. I liked it more than Yssa. (Also: most of my close friends cut the first syllable and just called me Say.)
  • Aly. When I first shared my blog to my dad, he really laughed when he saw that I used the name Aly. Heck, I was so uncomfortable with it, too. But I think this was the nickname I made for myself. Then, my college classmates and friends started calling me this. Every time my high school friends hear someone call me Aly, they laugh. Whatever, I like it. And it’s nickname I prefer to use from now on.

Okay. That’s about it. How ’bout you, any embarrassing or unique nicknames you want to share?


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